A Family Portrait, a Memory Forever

Imagine yourself finding an old box that belonged to your grandmother at your mother’s attic. Would you open it? There is no question about it. You would, because it is human nature to be curious about our antecessors.

Without a doubt you will find photographs, and I am sure that you will stare at those images for a long time. Suddenly you realize that you look a lot to an aunt, or maybe your son has your grandfather’s eyes, or that your daughter has the exact same smile that your mother had when she was little.

Would you consider these prints as something valuable? Would you share them with your kids and relatives? Would you select a favorite photograph, frame it and put it in a very special place at your home? Of course you would!

This is the beauty of photographs, they capture for endless time a special moment with special people. A timeless memory for you to cherish. If you value that much your old family photographs, then you should definitely have to make time to have your own pictures taken too.

There are so many memories of special events: weddings, a pregnancy, a newborn’s arrival, birthdays, your kids graduations… even a kiss, a glance, a smile, a hug, some tears…best friends, basketball team, a concert, a boyfriend… so many special memories that you’ll want to remember!

So if you haven’t done your family pictures this year, or you have a special event ahead, plan it today and do it as soon as possible.

Special event coming? Capture the moment forever! Schedule now your photo session.

Recommendations for the perfect photograph:

1) Always hire a professional photographer

2) Make time to plan what everyone involved in the pictures will wear

3) Select a date and time that is best for your family

4) After you select your favorite images, do something with your portraits: Hang them on a wall, put them on a furniture, a nightstand, give copies to grandparents or share them with your family on your favorite social media

5) (and super important) Make sure that you have a back up of all your images!

Not only you will value and treasure these images and prints, but also your grandkids, when in 20 years from now they find them, like you did, in an old box with your name at their mother’s attic.

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