Halloween is almost here and we are ready!

Either you love halloween or hate it! I love this special celebration, it’s so fun!

The best part is when everybody starts looking for costumes and decorating their homes.

I always look for a costume for me, my husband and of course, my dog Maya.

I have been putting a table with a candle outside my house and two big bowls full of candy for several years.

I wait for the families to come by and we have a great time.

The whole point of a special celebrations is about creating memories and traditions with our families and loved ones.

Some of the most valuable things we do in life is creating and keeping memories, like when you do a painting, a quilt, a blanket; or the game nights, family dinners, special desserts, and of course special traditions and holidays like Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, Halloween, etc.

All of this is for your family and for your future generations.

That’s why it is important to have a record of everything you can.

That way it will be easier to remember all the special moments and people and share it.

Imagine this: A long time ago I knitted a blanket.

I made it for my family, and I know that one of my girls will want to have it for her future home.

My deepest wish is that she uses it to warm her babies (my grandchildren), but I also wish to be there and hold her babies in my own arms.

But in case I can’t, I would love for my daughter to tell them about me and how i knitted that blanket for them.

This is why we want to help you to create wonderful memories.

Every year we have a new design for Halloween. We are ready to welcome you and your kids to our studio.

We have a great setup with super fun props.

halloween photography

You won’t regret it, our halloween session is not intended to be scary, it is completely designed to have fun and to create incredible memories!

halloween photography

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Halloween is almost here and we are ready!
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