Preparing for a newborn session

When is the right time to start planning a photo session for your precious new baby?

Well, in fact, if you are still pregnant, around 3 or 4 months before your due date is ok; if your baby is already born, the best day to start planning is today. The more time you wait, the more difficult and sometimes impossible will be to do those beautiful newborn poses that you have seen on internet.

Communication with the photographer is the key

It is very important that you have a good communication with your photographer during your consultation appointment. Here’s a quick checklist of topics that will be important for your photo session:

– Review the photographer’s work style, see their props and accessories.

– Remember to tell if you also want to include Mom, Dad and siblings on the pictures.

– It’s important to know about your baby’s room colors.

– Comment about that pose that you saw and want.

– Decide on a date and time for the session

– And don’t forget to ask about prices and promos.

Session coming soon? Don’t miss these important tips!

If you already pass all said before, and your session is coming pretty soon; then now it’s time to prepare the final touches for your newborn session.

If Mom and Dad are appearing in the photo session:

– I always suggest that Mom and Dad wear light color outfits. Look for matching clothes too! My favorite colors are: black, beige or white. Not combined. Mainly solids. Why? Because any texture or design on your clothes will take attention from the baby.

– Avoid completely plaid, stripes and big drawings on shirts and bottoms.

– Have everything cleaned and ironed at least a day before the session. You can even put it in the car that you will be using.

Preparing your baby for the photo session:

– Prepare your diaper bag the day before with everything you may need: extra diapers, wipes, one or two extra outfits, blankets, extra milk and don’t forget a pacifier (super important).

– Try changing your newborn’s feeding routine the day of your photo session. Try to feed your baby half an hour before the session, and then finish feeding just before the session; that way, the baby will be completely satisfied and ready to have a deep sleep. It is definitely easier (and sometimes indispensable) to have the baby sleeping for some possess.

Make your newborn session extra special

Remember to bring that special object that you know for sure that you want in the pictures, like a doll that belonged to your grandmother and now will be for your baby, or that special gift that Dad bought specially for the session, or the outfit that you got just because you liked it.

Now you are ready!

If you have all that prepared, then you only have to worry about your baby, yourself and maybe take extra milk the day of the session. Let Dad take care of himself! Lol.

Remember, even though the photographer will be in charge of taking care of your baby during the session, you are still Mom and Dad. If you see something that you don´t like, say it. If you want to stop or pause the session, say so. If you know for sure that the baby needs to eat or a clean diaper, tell your photographer about it. A good communication is essential.

If you follow all these directions and suggestions, it is more probable that you’ll have a successful session and as a result, you will have the pictures that you dreamed about and more!

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