Thanksgiving: A holiday to be grateful (and to give away a special offer!)

Hello, hello!

I think the Holiday that I like the most is Thanksgiving. So much to give thanks for.

Thanks for my husband, he is a great guy. I am sure that my life would have been super boring without him.

Thanks for my 3 daughters, fun, beautiful, excellent kids and students.

Thanks for my father and for the opportunity to have him close to my family again.

Thanks to my brothers and sisters, we all may live in different cities but they stay close to my heart.

Thanks for my huge, beautiful family from both sides.

Thanks for my in-laws, they are super important in my life.

Thanks for our business and for all the people that works with us.

Thanks for my friends, the new ones and the old ones, you don’t know how much you love them until you miss them.

Thanks for my family’s good health.

Thanks for the good times, the parties, camping days, workdays, roadtrips, and more.

Thanks for the bad days too, everything helps me to be a person than I was yesterday.

To celebrate this holiday, Memory Magic Photography has a very special offer for Thanksgiving Family Photos: No Session Fee + 20% off on package 3, 4 and 5.

This sale will start on November the 19th and finish on November 22nd.

You can buy your package today and use it later! You will have three months to use it.

This is a great offer that we’ll only have during Thanksgiving, so run, run, run. Come to our studio so we can explain you all details or call us if you need more information!

Schedule today your Thanksgiving Family Photos +1 (210) 402-1277

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Thanksgiving: A holiday to be grateful (and to give away a special offer!)
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